Tuesday, August 25, 2009

That Wacky Billy!

I came across this item recently. Back in '90 I used to work with an individual who was quite gullible. At some point, I wondered just how gullible the person was, so I altered a panel in the newspaper comic section and said, "Have you seen today's Family Circus!?! I Xeroxed it!"

The person's response was sincere. "Oh wow. I wonder why he would do that? Do you think he's having trouble at home?"

I later confessed what I did. I'm a softy at heart. Sort of.


Chris Grine said...

coward! You should have let them go on thinking that.

Forrest Christian said...

That's Jeffy, of course, and not his older brother. Not sure why so many people think Jeffy is a murderer though.

Kerry Callen said...

Oh Dang. That is Jeffy, isn't it.

I, um, named this "That Wacky Billy" because he's outside dancing without any music playing! Ha ha. What a wild card!