Monday, May 18, 2009

Little Seen 1974 Spider-Man Comic!

I'm amazed at what I'm finding in my basement. First, I found some Marvel See-A-Show comics and then a Captain Action DC/Marvel/Msc. comic. I should go down there more often.

This week, I'm sharing a 1974 comic that came with the Spider-Man Aurora Comic Scenes model kit. Unlike the other short comics I've posted, there's nothing particularly weird about this one. It's just nice to see John Romita Sr. artwork along with a short story scribed by Len Wein, probably my favorite writer from the 70's.

The book is nice because it's not printed on newsprint. It's not nice because it doesn't have a glossy cover. I've included the first two pages, of instructions, merely so you can see what the (very simple) model looks like. Click on any page to enlarge.

You can tell you're reading an older comic when a teenager thinks thoughts like, "Somewhere below lurks Kraven the Hunter and his animal hordes."

The small print at the bottom of the following page reads, "Place your completed Spider-Man model in front of this exciting action backdrop, for and outstanding 3-D effect!"

Ha! I made fun of the beginning of this story for using words like "lurks" and "hordes". The first two panels of the last page uses the words "dude" and "awesome", neither of which was in fashion in 1974. Mr. Wein, you were ahead of your time. Pretty awesome, dude.


Richard Marcej said...

I still have my copy, somewhere.

I had both the Spider-Man and Hulk snap-together models (each with cmic book)


Like the model kit, but have a hard time with Kraven's costume...looks too much like some old gal working the slot machines in Vegas.

psychomar said...

did they ever find the lost treasure? Spiderman seems so flippant about destroying priceless artifacts and the only clue to the treasure!

K. Callen said...

You're right. Must be some kind of "thugs before rugs" thing.

(Sorry. Lame "bros before hos" joke. It just popped into my head.)