Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ideal's Captain Action Mini-Comic, Part 3

Part 1 here.
Part 2 here.

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Let's see. Aquaman harpooned an alien in the chest, Captain America, Green Hornet, and the Lone Ranger all blatantly shoot them. Tonto merely drops a limb on one?! You would think if anyone took unkindly to unwelcomed settlers, it would be Tonto.

Captain America uses a gun, and Spider-Man strikes fear into evil-doers. I wonder if the writer had actually read any of the books from that upstart company Marvel. (Captain Action could also turn into Sgt. Fury, the only character that didn't make it into this comic.)

If you had heat vision, super-strength, super-speed, flight, ice-breath, etc, what would you do to stop an alien invasion? See Superboy's solution below...

Ha! They'll not come back anytime soon. Not with Aqua Lad and his canoe-tipping powers awaiting them!

Yes, the end!


Warren L. said...

Not sure why you make light of what Superboy does to the aliens. I had a lion thrown at me one time, and it was NOT pleasant.

Walaka said...

(obligatory "I had one of those when they came out" comment)

I love the inclusion of stars whose lights have dimmed, like Steve Canyon... and Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon in the same strip? Inconceivable!

Of course, you know what's going to happen now: someone playing Grant Morrison is going to write an epic series trying to retcon all this into the established continuity for every publisher.

Kevin said...

My favorite moment of Part 3 is the appearance of my favorite comic-book expression of fear and panic, "AAIIEEEE!" Today, it's spelled AI-EEE! It's like the Wilhelm Scream of the Silver Age.

Oh, I heard a Wilhelm Scream in "Monsters Versus Aliens" and laughed out loud.


Doug Hazlewood said...

I've never seen that comic before! I had Aquaman, Superman, Batman, Sgt. Fury, Captain America and Spider-Man.

I sold them all thru THE BUYER'S GUIDE when I was in college. I got frustrated at how the accessories would melt onto each other. Naturally NOW I wish I had kept them. Got a few replacements and reissues many years later.

I remember being rather astonished that a couple of out-of-state folks even PHONED me about the Capt. Action stuff back then (mid-70's).

Kerry Callen said...

I only had a Batman and a Captain America. I desperately wanted an Aquaman, but never came across any. My mom eventually CROCHETED an orange top for me, God bless 'er.

Anonymous said...

Say Kerry - are there art credits to be had?

btw - damn funny stuff you write/draw!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Blog!

For the CAPTAIN ACTION & BOY ( SPIDER-MAN ) Mini-Comic, are these the only panels depicting Spider-man?

Kerry Callen said...

Yep. He seems a little short-changed for such a big star, doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response! Yes - Most definitely .. Too Bad.


What a great story!
Just as the aliens began spraying their 'mist of greeting', Psycho Action lobs mortars at them.
He crashes their ships when they try to land and passes out guns to befuddled onlookers (who point them at each other).
Then he and his pint size cohort harass and pummel the remaining visitors (while playing dress-up) until the ETs finally flee in terror and disgust.