Monday, March 23, 2009

The United States of Lazy

(Not a political statement.)

Have you ever noticed that the states get bigger and bigger, basically in the order that they were created?

The original thirteen are rather small and the others gradually grow, generally speaking, as they progress down and over to the west.

It's a lot like if I were drawing a pattern of stars and got tired of creating all that detail. (I'm right-handed, so it goes left.)

Did the early settlers also think, "What a pain. We'll just make 'em bigger as we go..."


Richard Marcej said...

That's kind of like how all the eastern areas of large cities are all the "bad" parts of town (East St. Louis, East Los Angeles) since they were the areas that were settled first (because settlers moved East to West.

After years of using and abusing that area, the wealthy moved away (west) and left the eastern areas to the poor.

K. Callen said...

Hmm! I've never thought of that.

People also say that they're going "Back East" or "Out West", implying we all started on one side. Ever hear anyone say, "I'm going back West"?

It's interesting to see history buried in everyday things we barely notice.