Monday, September 1, 2008

Captain Food Storage

Right after I received my Economic Stimulus Check, I decided to spurge a little and ordered a Faux Bronze Captain America statue. It's the most money I've ever spent on a single item like this, but it looks sooooo cool. (I own several Bowen Designs mini-busts, also cool.) I haven't gotten it yet. I will soon, hopefully.

I have a friend, who after losing his job, continued to buy things like this. A thought occurred to me. These kind of collectibles should be made from compressed rice, or such!

It would help justify buying them. If times ever got tough, you could eat them.


Kevin said...

I think you've hit on something here. It might work just as well for printed matter. There's a mess of books I've purchased that have sat on my shelf for years. I had the best of intentions when I purchased them, but unread they remain. Just think, though ...

Kerry: Hey, did you ever read "The Da Vinci Code"?

Kevin: No, but it was delicious.

Kerry: ... what?

Kevin: Oh, yeah. With some salsa, it made the perfect lunch. I'd eat something by Dan Brown again. If it had some salsa, I mean.

K. Callen said...


I actually, really like the idea though. It wouldn't be hard to do. I bought some edible napkins a few years ago. My family and I went to a park to eat the napkins, then wiped our months with some sandwiches...