Monday, August 18, 2008

Bele and Lokai

Remember that episode of the original Star Trek where the two guys were fighting because the black and white halves of their faces were on opposite sides? They were both from the planet Cheron , but considered themselves separate races. They hated each other.

Was anyone else waiting for Captain Kirk to ask the obvious question?


Kevin said...

They have mirrors - and whenever they peer into them, they are disgusted with themselves. Self-abuse is rampant on Cheron.

Um, I mean self-loathing. Yeah, self-loathing. The other is rampant on Spankmonkia.

Alex Whitington said...

When you said "Have you seen tht Star Trek episode" I automatically thought "No" but then I realised I actually had.
A few seconds of at least. They were fighting and then electricity things happened and I asked the person watching it "What is happening?" and didn't listen to their answer because I was very young and Star Trek was full ofodd looking men I wanted nothing to do with.

Good for me, eh?!