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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One of my favorite stories

Amaze Ink/SLG is resoliciting my first two volumes of Halo and Sprocket in this month. So, I decided to post one of my favorite H&S stories. I've never shared it on the web before now. The art is more simplistic than it is in other stories, but I stand by the writing. Click on each page to enlarge...

 If you enjoy this story, you'll probably enjoy the entire series! Both volumes are available on page 230 of this month's PREVIEWS (#285).

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Nothing Earth-shaking this post. I hadn't drawn anything Halo & Sprocket related in a while and thought I'd share. Ahhh. Visiting an old friend.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A New Facebook Group!

A gentleman from France, Jean-Fran├žois Virey, has created a Halo and Sprocket Group on Facebook. I think I'll go join right after I post this...

Monday, May 25, 2009

My blog. And a drawing.

After I finished my last Halo and Sprocket collection, I'd thought it'd be fun to try my hand at blogging for a year. I had no purpose in mind, I wanted to do it just for kicks & grins. Well, I've had my kicks & grins and now it's time to stop my regular, Monday entries and concentrate on my next comic project.

I'll still be posting, but it's about to become more random.

That being said, here's a sketch I cleaned up a bit for posting. I've always thought it would be fun to present Halo & Sprocket as if other artists had created them. I still might eventually do it. Here's a taste...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Look at all the robots!

I was a guest at Plant Comicon this last weekend. It was a great show. I wouldn't be surprised if it beat its own attendance records. It was nice to visit with fans of Halo and Sprocket and with friends I don't often see.

Oddly for me, a robot theme emerged.

First, we have the exclusive Sprocket T-shirt I was offering....

Next, shortly after I set up my space, R2D2 (?!?) approached my table. An actual size, working robot!

Then, my friend Chris Grine (creator of the awesome Chickenhare) drew the quick sketch seen below. It's a takeoff of his 165 Bots With Stuff, as seen on the always entertaining Shoebox blog.

I also sat by artist Rob Davis. If his last name was "Ot," my con experience would have been complete.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I had thirty minutes to kill as I was waiting on someone, so I pulled a blank Mighty Mugg pic and Photoshopped a quick Sprocket, just for kicks.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Halo and Sprocket on itunes!

For your iphone or ipod! Halo and Sprocket: Volume 1 is being broken into 4 smaller chunks to allow for your H&S reading pleasure on the go!

I'd make a link if I knew how. Oh! Like this!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Are CATS Highly Intelligent or Just Plain Stupid?

A reader emailed and asked if I would share a cat strip from an old Halo and Sprocket comic (reprinted in H&S: Volume 1). I debated whether to do it or not. Then he sent me this link to a photo from his blog. Ha! I am greatly amused. Here's the cat strip...

Monday, October 20, 2008

CBG Review

Timothy Wood wrote a very nice piece in Comics Buyers Guide #1648. He named Halo and Sprocket: Natural Creatures as the "Indy Pick of the Month" and gave it four out of four stars. Thank you Timothy! (Click on the image below if you're curious to read it...)

I realize it's a bit self-serving to blog about a review, and possibly not very entertaining to you, the reader.

So here's a picture of a cat smoking a cigar.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Making Happy Things Creepier

Before I begin, you need to read the two page, color story from my latest Halo and Sprocket book. If you don't own Natural Creatures, shame on you. You can read it below, nonetheless...

When I first created the last page, I created a standard Happy Face and added scanned-in human flesh to it. My reaction was just a, "Aw, it looks like happy orange. It's not creepy enough."

So, I decided to add real teeth and a few blackheads. "Better," I thought, "But I can still tolerate looking at it..."

Next I added more zits, more realistic eyes, and floated his head. My family and friends couldn't stand to look at it. Finally! I was done.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Me and Groo

I attended the MO-KAN Comic Conspiracy this weekend. I enjoyed it. The guest list included all the artists involved in creating Groo comics! I sat directly across the aisle from Sergio Aragones and visited with him a bit to tell him that MAD magazine helped form my personality. (He and Al Jaffee were my absolute favorites.)

I've always been a Groo fan. I had a letter printed in issue #88, from 1992. I brought the book to the con and it was signed very graciously by everyone-- Sergio Aragones (storyteller/artist), Mark Evanier (wordsmith) , Stan Sakai (letterer, and Usagi Yojimbo creator!), and Tom Luth (colorist). Great and friendly guys, everyone.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Envelope Art

Many years ago, when I first mailed Halo and Sprocket as a comic book submission to SLG Publishing, I decided to try to convince the editors to open it sooner by adding art to the envelope. This is what I pasted on it...

SLG, of course, picked it up as a short-run series. Later, Publisher Dan Vado told me that the image did influenced him to open the envelope sooner. It wasn't the art or joke that did it however, it was the fact that I'd actually checked their website before submitting..!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Halo & Sprocket and Grow-Arm-Hair Lad

The first Halo and Sprocket collection has a (fairly popular) scene in it involving "Butter Crackers". I actually stole the concept from myself! Originally it was a single panel gag, along with a "Little Mermaid Fishing Lure" in an unpublished story. Let me explain...

Waaaay back in 1987, I created a comic named Directory to a Nonexistent Universe. It was a take-off of the popular superhero directory books at the time. I did these when I was pretty young, so don't judge them too harshly if you click on and read the three sample pages below...

I created Grow-Arm-Hair Lad very much as a throw-away character. However, he seemed to be one of people's favorites! A few years later, I wrote a stand-alone 8 page story for for him. I eventually decided that the world has enough superheroes, and if I wanted to dabble in comics, I needed to invent something non-superhero. Halo and Sprocket eventually came from that. Here's the first three pages of my GAHL story. You'll see the Butter Crackers in the last panel...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Halo and Sprocket Secrets: Snagglepuss!

Halo and Sprocket: Natural Creatures should be hitting the comic stores today, so it's time for me to start sharing some secrets....

When I do a Halo & Sprocket book, I like to throw in something non-H&S related, just for kicks. One of the things in this newest volume is BIG CAT PUNS. (The idea came to me in a dream, complete with the first panel involving the police lion!)

I always do small roughs of my pages before I draw the finishes. This means I usually know where the word balloons will fall. So, even though you wouldn't know it by looking the finished comic, I amused myself by adding in the Big Cat Snagglepuss..!

Monday, July 7, 2008

New Halo and Sprocket out this week!

Halo and Sprocket Vol 2: Natural Creatures hit the (American) comic stores this Thursday, July 10! Here's a description...

"Welcome to the further adventures of an angel and a robot who live with a young, single woman! Why are clowns scary? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Why do women shave their legs but not their arms? Is it a good idea to play a practical joke on an all-powerful angel? Find out the answer to these questions and others you’ve never even wanted to ask! Logic, metaphysics and human nature collide in these quirky, short stories about the idiosyncrasies of life. Discover why Halo and Sprocket is a favorite among fans and critics alike with these all new stories and 4 pages of little seen newspaper strips."

Click on the back cover to the right if you'd like to read more...

Halo and Sprocket is also available directly from SLG Publishing, then later from Amazon and other fine book dealers!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Halo & Sprocket Desktop Wallpaper

Okay, djp, whoever you are, here's a H&S Wallpaper for you! Just click on the image below for a 1024 x 768 desktop image...

Please "comment" if you download. If there's enough interest, I'll do more in the future...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

HS:NC First Review!

Even though it doesn't hit the stores until July, Halo and Sprocket: Natural Creatures has its first review up at Comics Worth Reading.

A big thanks to Johanna Draper Carlson who writes, "This is truly a comic that anyone can enjoy. The humor comes naturally, and the character interactions have surprising depth." and "I always come away from this comic with a new perspective on life."

In the comments section, she takes the blame for calling the book "Natural Causes" instead of "Natural Creatures". No need for that, Johanna. PREVIEWS actually has it listed as "Natural Causes". Not quite sure how that happened...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nice Pants!

A big THANK YOU to Comic Pants for their enthusiastic praise of Halo and Sprocket (blush) in their Podcast #53! They discuss humor in comics and is worth a listen to even if you're not a H&S fan.

(Btw, switching gears a bit, I really wish I could do away with the anemic version of my Halo and Sprocket: Vol. 1 cover. Graphic novels need cover images created sooner than regular comics to allow for early solicitation to bookstores. I had only a couple of days to create an image. The result is what is seen above. I then had time to refine the cover for the actual book, which is seen below. But alas, when an image makes it to the internet, it will be around forever...)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Preview of Halo and Sprocket Vol. 2!

Hello. Welcome to Kerry Callen's blog. I’m the creator of the alternative comic, Halo and Sprocket. Even though it’s a book about life in general, I get a lot of ideas that don’t really fit in its pages. On this site, I’ll be sharing unpublished work, little seen work, random thoughts on life, and random thoughts about comic books in general.

But first, I’ll start with an eight page preview of the new, 72 page Halo and Sprocket, Vol.2: Natural Creatures, due to hit the stands this July. Available for order in MAY PREVIEWS from Amaze Ink/SLG Publishing ( Read older H&S stories here.